Design Age Institute: the UK’s first national design-for-ageing Institute

In   a joint venture between  the Royal College of Art, University of Oxford and University of Newcastle, the UK’s first national design-for-ageing Institute has been announced. Read more

Job opportunities : Neurodegenerative disease modelling using scCRISPR screening

Three exciting job opportunities for two postdocs and one advanced research assistant to work on screening for genes involved in neurodegenerative disease using iPSC-derived cell types (neurons, astrocytes and microglia). This will use cutting edge CRISPR screening with a single cell RNAseq readout coupled with phenotypic assays to identify and characterise known and putative Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and ALS genes. Read more

Will a rethink on offices benefit older workers?

As the great pandemic of 2020 infiltrates every corner of our lives, there is one place perhaps more than any other that has been affected. This is the office, the defining building type of the 20th century whose very existence is now called into question. Offices have been out of reach during the lockdown and must adopt strict new hygiene and social distancing rules if companies are to get back in business. Read more

Online seminar series “Living Longer Better”

Online seminar series run by Dr Rob Salguero-Gomez on “Living Longer Better”

Our next speaker will be Professor Lynne Cox on the 23 June at 10am

Title: How to age well: lessons from geroscience Read more

The lunchtime seminar ‘The future of drug discovery for healthy ageing’

The future of drug discovery for healthy ageing

19 June 2020, 12:00 – 13:00

Read more

“The Elixir of Life has been developed in Oxford!”

Seminar by Dr Muir Gray hosted by Dr Roberto Salguero-Gómez  on 1 June 2020. Read more

Ageing Well | Lynne Cox

Professor Lynne Cox comments on the Queen’s diet, health and well-being in older age in The Irish Sun. Read more