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About ARCH@Oxford

The Ageing Research Collaborative Hub at Oxford unites and links University of Oxford expertise in all aspects of ageing. ARCH@Oxford  aims to promote interdisciplinary research in ageing across university departments and divisions, supporting both ongoing research and the establishment of new collaborative research projects and programmes with business, health care and community.

Research Groupings

Biology of Ageing

Cellular processes are affected by behaviour and environment, even at the genetic level

Health & Disease

Without significant improvements in health, chronic conditions, multi-morbidities, and cognitive impairments will increase

Populations & Societies

Society frames our life course, political, social and economic structures influence our bodies, minds and behaviours

Education, Creativity & Culture

Education, creativy and culture enable personal and mental resilience and bring health and well-being across increasingly long lives.


  • Ageing in Latin America

  • Ageing in Eastern European Countries

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