Trinity 2023 Seminar Series | Caring communities: configuring local support for healthy ageing in place

Building on current work at the Institute, this series explores how the health and wellbeing of older people may be supported through networks of caring relationships and locally-based assets. The speakers highlight a range of contextual factors that might facilitate healthy ageing in place, defined as living well in one’s chosen home and minimizing transitions to higher-intensity care needs. Read more

Exploring the Ageing Frontier with the LSF

Oxford University is hosting a seminar on human longevity breakthroughs with the Longevity Science Foundation. Read more

Michaelmas 2022 Seminar Series – Ageing Post Trauma

Convenors: Professor Francis Davis and Dr Anthony Howarth

Drawing on perspectives from Conflict and Legal Studies, Anthropology, Social Work, and the Health Sciences this seminar series will explore the impact of trauma on the ageing process including during conflict, post-conflict and incarceration. Read more

Trinity 2022 Seminar Series – The Challenges Facing an Ageing Africa and Latin America in the 21st Century


Please note that this is a Hybrid event. We welcome colleagues to 66 Banbury Road or on line via Zoom: Read more

EAST: Ageing during Covid-19 and beyond in Central and Eastern Europe

The Oxford Institute of Population Ageing Central and Eastern Research Network on Ageing (EAST) Seminar Series

ConvenorDr. George W. Leeson

This series will be conducted on TUESDAYS at 2PM (UK time) via Zoom:

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Hilary 2022 Seminar Series – Social Care: challenge, change and renewal for older people

Convenors: Prof Francis Davis & Prof Chris Davis  

This series will be conducted via Zoom:

Events in this Series

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Michaelmas 2021 Seminar Series – Future Perspectives on Ageing

Thursdays 2pm -3pm

Location: Oxford Martin School

34 Broad Street (corner of Holywell and Catte Streets) Oxford OX1 3BD

Please note that this is a hybrid event with online and in-person speaker. You will need to register and indicate whether you wish to attend in person or online via Zoom. Please register 12 hours before the seminar 

Events in this Series

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The impact of son or daughter care on Chinese older adults’ mental health – lessons for the future of care in China

Parental care in China is traditionally provided by sons. In recent decades – partly due to the One-Child Policy but also economic development and urbanisation – significant changes have occurred with parents receiving more care from daughters. Read more