£1m donation to support Longevity Science

A new gift of £1 million will support and advance the study of Longevity Science at Oxford and establish the Mellon Longevity Science Programme at Oriel to help the most vulnerable in society by advancing research into health resilience in ageing populations. Read more

Very old hailed as super-survivors | The Times

People who live beyond 100 are part of a special group whose biological make-up means that they are more likely to survive coronavirus. Sarah Harper comments that with people who live to a very old age and make it over 105 years there is some indication that they are genetically or biologically different.

► Read the full article in The Times, 17 April 2020 : The special ones: very old hailed as super-survivors

Reaching older people in a crisis: learning from experience?

In a recent policy brief on Coronavirus and ageing, the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs declared that the virus mean that the world was grappling with “an unparalleled health crisis.” While on a global level this is undoubtedly true, the fact that in low-income countries large-scale health emergencies are endemic is easily obscured. Read more

Is weight a more significant factor than age in the next stage of lockdown?

Should we be considering factors such as BMI when it comes to shielding a specific population?  Professor Sarah Harper comments in an article published in The Telegraph. Read more