Leveraging design expertise for an ageing society

Two uncontested facts about the UK: first, we have an ageing population that can be especially vulnerable in a public health crisis; second, we have one of the world’s largest and most advanced design sectors, with a hard-won global reputation for crafting brilliant solutions. One might have been forgiven for thinking that the needs of the former could be easily met by the creativity and expertise of the latter. But despite lots of effort and good intentions, this has not turned out to be the case. Read more

Notes on religion and spirituality in later life

For some time, I have wondered about the relationship between spirituality/religion and well-being in old age. What kind of evidence is there that they promote good physical and mental health and greater longevity? Read more

COVID-19: The uncertainty of the data and the importance of mild or asymptomatic cases

Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, we have been overwhelmed by numbers, data and statistics. Right, but what do these statistics and data mean? What do they really tell us? Read more