Living Longer Better Seminar Series: 22nd March, 2pm GMT

Dr Jacob Moorad will be speaking on “Maternal effects and ageing: an evolutionary perspective.” in the next instalment of the Living Longer Better Seminar Series hosted by Dr Rob Salguero-Gomez. Read more

Living Longer Better Seminar Series: 26th February, 1pm GMT

Professor Fernando Colchero will be speaking on “The evolutionary landscape of primate mortality” in the next instalment of the Living Longer Better Seminar Series hosted by Dr Rob Salguero-Gomez. Read more

Corporate Policy, Male Breadwinners and their Family Caregiving in Ageing Japan

Hilary 2021 Seminar Series – Perspectives on Global Ageing

Thursday 11 February 2021, 14:00 – 15:00 GMT

Care provision in industrialized countries has been commonly considered womens work. Yet we now see a rapidly emerging group of carers, men who combine parental caregiving with their employment, thereby exposing themselves to the same life-course and health risks so well-documented for working women who provide care. In Japan, the quitting of employment due to family care by 100,000 workers annually triggered a 2015 government initiative aimed at reforming work to make work and care compatible. Read more

UKSPINE and Hebrew University of Jerusalem Workshop

Connecting Cutting Edge Capabilities in Ageing Research and Computational Medicine

Thursday 11 February 2021, 13:00 – 16:00 GMT

Due to success of modern evidence-based medicine, the aged population in the developed world is rising rapidly, and although more people live longer – a large part of these extra years are spent in poor health. Ageing is in and of itself not classified as a disease, but the underlying biological changes result in the increased risk of developing a complex plethora of morbidities. Read more

New Perspectives on Lifespan Inequality | Webinar and Open Discussion

External event: This event is organized by the Herczeg Institute on Aging at Tel Aviv University in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark and Oxford University.

New Perspectives on Lifespan Inequality Webinar and Open Discussion

Thursday, January 21st 202116:00–19:00 Israel Time | 14:00-17:00 GMT | 15:00-18:00 CET | 9:00–12:00 EST

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Living Longer Better Seminar: Monday 30 November, 11am GMT

To continue the brilliant Living Longer Better online seminar series by Dr Rob Salguero-Gomez we have Professor Sarah Harper CBE on “Achieving Healthy Life Expectancy for all” This seminar will be recorded.

The seminar will be via Zoom on Monday 30 November at 11am. Zoom log in details below:

Meeting ID: 825 9216 6179

Passcode: 935188

Ageing and Sleep 2020 | Virtual Conference

The 2020 Aging and Sleep International Virtual Meeting, organized by the IASRG (International Association of Sleep Research on Gerontology), will be held from November 9-12. Read more

Living Longer Better Seminar Series: Hal Caswell, 28th October at 10am

For the next seminar in the Living Longer Better series hosted by Rob Salguero-Gomez we have Hal Caswell on “Calculating healthy longevity: more kinds of health than there are stars in the sky.” Read more


‘How can the UK lead the race to deliver 5 extra healthy years of life by 2035’

11th November 2020 – 20th November 2020
You can sign up directly from the website here

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“Living Longer Better” Seminar Series | 28 September

“Living Longer Better” Seminar Series by Dr Irem Sepil

Monday 28 September 12pm BST (GMT +1) Read more