Online seminar series “Living Longer Better”

Online seminar series run by Dr Rob Salguero-Gomez on “Living Longer Better”

Our next speaker will be Professor Lynne Cox on the 23 June at 10am

Title: How to age well: lessons from geroscience

Abstract: Everyone knows ageing when they see it, but what do we really mean by ageing from a biological perspective? In my talk, I will consider the changes that take place over time in the molecules and cells of our bodies, and how these changes can lead to loss of health and diseases of ageing. In particular, I’ll cover how research into ageing of the body’s cells (known as cell senescence) is highlighting different ways to tackle age-related diseases. As we learn to live in a world with COVID-19, it is crucial to understand why older people are at very high risk and so I’ll briefly cover the process of immunosenescence (failure of the immune system with age) and what interventions might already be available to help. I’ll end by briefly outlining future promising directions in the new field of geroscience.

Date: Tuesday 23rd June, 10am

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