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Professor Sarah Harper CBE elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences

Sarah Harper, Clore Professor of Gerontology, Fellow  University College, and Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, has been elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Her research seeks to advance understanding of the dynamics of population ageing, one of the largest and fastest growing global healthcare challenges.

Has the Representation of Older Women Changed in Contemporary Popular Culture?

International Woman’s Day this year got me thinking about how older women are represented in popular culture. Every eighth of March we celebrate the achievements of women from across the world regardless of their religious, ethnic, cultural, economic and political background. Social media is bombarded by images of young vibrant women, laughing and celebrating. But what about […]

Trinity 2023 Seminar Series | Caring communities: configuring local support for healthy ageing in place

Building on current work at the Institute, this series explores how the health and wellbeing of older people may be supported through networks of caring relationships and locally-based assets. The speakers highlight a range of contextual factors that might facilitate healthy ageing in place, defined as living well in one’s chosen home and minimizing transitions […]

The Importance of Family in Latin America

This is the story of our times, the story of the family, once a dense cluster of many siblings and extended kin, fragmenting into ever smaller and more fragile forms. The initial result of that fragmentation, the nuclear family, didn’t seem so bad. But then, because the nuclear family is so brittle, the fragmentation continued. […]

Dipping into the Political Economy of Adult Learning Systems

I’m guessing that most people who read this blog will be familiar with Esping-Andersen’s typology of welfare regimes. The distinction between liberal, conservative and social democratic welfare regimes has provided more than one generation of researchers with a tool for investigating the ways in which structural differences in the relations between market and state affect various outcomes of interest – […]

Michaelmas 2022 Seminar Series – Ageing Post Trauma

Convenors: Professor Francis Davis and Dr Anthony Howarth Drawing on perspectives from Conflict and Legal Studies, Anthropology, Social Work, and the Health Sciences this seminar series will explore the impact of trauma on the ageing process including during conflict, post-conflict and incarceration.