Journal of Population Ageing | Illuminating the Dark Side of Ageing

We are pleased to announce that a Special Issue of the Journal of Population Ageing is now available online,

Volume 14, Issue 3, September 2021

In this issue:

Editorial notes by Ashley John Moyse & Joshua Hordern – Illuminating the Darker Side of Ageing 

The Darker Side of Ageing: Towards an Ethics of Suffering that Emphasises the Primacy of Witnessing

Bearable and unbearable suffering in later life

Suffering from or in Old Age? The Existential Gravity of Ageing

Should we Pursue Success and Spirituality in Ageing? Framing Religious Contributions to Ageing Research

Bearing the Burdens we (don’t Tend to) Bare

‘Elderhood’ and Sabbath Rest as Vocation: Identity, Purpose, & Belonging

Thoughts on the Ageing Body

Download the new issue here